As for my approach to dentistry, I follow the oral health policies and clinical guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. That means your child will receive the best treatment my field has to offer.

"Dr. Jay is AMAZING with my kids!"

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About Dr. Jay Leung

Dr. Jay is committed to making your child’s dental experience fun, educational, interactive, and to creating happy smiles! His gentle approach to care puts patients and parents at ease.Providing outstanding dentistry gives your child a solid foundation in excellent oral health.

Meet Our Team

Routine Check-Up

At The Little Tooth Company, our routine check-ups are anything but routine! We make your child's dental care a fun event they look forward to. This is also an opportunity for Dr. Jay to monitor changes in your child’s mouth. We like to keep those precious smiles healthy!

Comprehensive Dental Exam

When you bring your child to our Southington, CT pediatric dental office as a new patient or as a regular patient, your child will always receive a dental exam to determine his or her current oral health. We make this a positive experience for your child at every stage of development! We want their visits to our office to be positive and interactive. We treat each child in our office like an individual.

Each exam consists of a tooth-by-tooth examination, soft tissue evaluation, and exam of their growth. They grow up so fast, and their bodies change continuously from infancy to their teens – including their teeth! By checking in every six months, we can ensure they are on track and help avoid or address decay and gum disease. We will make their dental appointments a fun event with prizes and high-fives from our supportive team.

Routine Dental X-Rays

Regular dental x-rays allow us to see beneath the surface of your child’s teeth, where decay likes to hide. We take periodic x-rays to record any changes, look for decay, and monitor growth. When we discover conditions, we can diagnose and treat them early. Dental x-rays are a great way to keep your child's smile happy and healthy! 

Oral Hygiene Instruction

When your little one is still learning and frequently misses areas in their home care, we can help them develop a brushing technique that covers each surface of their teeth. Even the brightest kids need a little guidance with mastering the toothbrush! If you are still helping your child with brushing and flossing, we will go over the best practices so you can keep your child’s teeth clean in between dental appointments.

As your child grows, we will work with them, stressing the importance of oral hygiene and helping them maintain healthy habits.

Nutritional Counseling

Having a healthy diet contributes to oral health and wellness. If you have questions about which foods to serve more of and which to avoid, our knowledgeable team is happy to help! Kids of all ages love treats and sugary snacks. Eating right early in life can have long-lasting effects on your child’s long-term health.

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Dr. Jay Leung and our entire team look forward to welcoming your family to our dental office. We will make each experience a positive one so that your child has a great foundation for excellent oral health. 

Patient Testimonial:03/06/2014

"Dr. Jay is wonderful. He has been taking care of my sons teeth since he was a year old. My son always feels comfortable and leaves excited for his next ... Read More

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