As for my approach to dentistry, I follow the oral health policies and clinical guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. That means your child will receive the best treatment my field has to offer.

"Dr. Jay is AMAZING with my kids!"

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About Dr. Jay Leung

Dr. Jay is committed to making your child’s dental experience fun, educational, interactive, and to creating happy smiles! His gentle approach to care puts patients and parents at ease.Providing outstanding dentistry gives your child a solid foundation in excellent oral health.

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As a dental office, we are in the business of saving teeth, not removing them! Unfortunately, life sometimes has other plans and removing a damaged or troubled tooth is actually the best decision for your child’s health.

Some of the most common reasons for dental extractions include trauma, infection, deep decay, over crowding, fracture, or the teeth are ready to come out naturally and just need a little help.

Comfortable Extractions

If the time comes when your child needs to have a tooth removed, we understand that it can create some anxiety – usually in the parents! Dr. Jay is committed to your child’s health and well-being and will only remove a tooth when it is necessary to protect their health.

We also know that many parents fear that dental extractions will be painful, and we want to put your mind at ease. We take every precaution to ensure comfortable treatment for your child. Dr. Jay is skilled at delivering the appropriate amount of anesthetic so they don’t feel a thing. If your child needs a little help relaxing, nitrous oxide can be a great way to allow them to stay calm for their procedure.

Dr. Jay doesn’t “extract” or “pull” teeth. He gently wiggles them free and will place them in a tiny treasure box for your child to either keep as a souvenir or put under their pillow for the tooth fairy who buys kids’ teeth at ever-increasing rates. Those little teeth fetch a good price these days!

Preventing Tooth Loss

Holding on to those baby teeth until they are ready to come out on their own is important. They provide guidance for your child’s permanent teeth and prevent shifting teeth, which can cause bite problems.

In an ideal world, teeth would all naturally come out on their own, but accidents sometimes happen. Here are a couple of preventive measures you can take to save those precious teeth and protect your little one’s smile:

Be diligent with home care – We understand that bedtime can be an epic battle in some households, and tooth brushing may induce fury from your child because it is a precursor to sleep. Skipping nighttime teeth cleaning – brushing and flossing – can allow decay to run rampant while your little one sleeps. Be diligent with home care, even when it is not the most popular activity.

Athletic mouth guards – Kids love to play sports, run, jump, play ball, and have fun! You wouldn’t send your child into a football game without a helmet, right? A custom mouth guard is like a helmet for the teeth, absorbing impact and providing protection.

Professional dental cleanings, x-rays, and exams – Preventing a problem before it starts is the best treatment! Routine exams and x-rays, along with professional dental cleanings, are the best insurance policy for a healthy smile.

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Dr. Jay Leung and our entire dental team look forward to welcoming you and your child to our Southington, CT pediatric dental office! We look forward to seeing your smiles.

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