As for my approach to dentistry, I follow the oral health policies and clinical guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. That means your child will receive the best treatment my field has to offer.

"Dr. Jay is AMAZING with my kids!"

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About Dr. Jay Leung

Dr. Jay is committed to making your child’s dental experience fun, educational, interactive, and to creating happy smiles! His gentle approach to care puts patients and parents at ease.Providing outstanding dentistry gives your child a solid foundation in excellent oral health.

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After-Hours Emergency Care

As parents, you do your best to keep your kids safe and healthy. Short of wrapping them in bubble wrap and confining them to a carpeted room, it is impossible to keep them from having the occasional accident. Bumps, scraped knees, and Band-Aids are all a part of childhood. Unless they are asleep, kids are active all the time, and despite your best efforts, they occasionally sustain injury or trauma to their teeth.

Even if your child has a dental emergency after hours, we are here for you! We know that timing of accidents is never convenient, so we will answer your call even outside of our normal hours. Emergency dental exams can determine whether your child needs treatment to save his or her tooth. We will also help alleviate any pain so everyone can rest easily and comfortably.

What Counts as a Dental Emergency?

Any time you think your child may be experiencing a dental emergency, give us a call. We can ask a few specific questions to determine if an afterhours dental exam is necessary.

Our team should address a broken, loose, or lost tooth right away. If your child is having pain, bleeding, or swelling, we will also likely recommend an emergency dental appointment and treatment so they feel better as quickly as possible. We want those tears to stop and to see bright smiles again.

If your child loses a baby tooth, we probably won't try to save it, but if a permanent tooth comes loose in an accident, we recommend placing it back in the socket and holding it steady with gauze until we can treat it. If putting it back is not possible, place it in a glass of milk and bring it with you.

If your child has an accident and you suspect a head or neck injury, we encourage you to go to the emergency room for treatment before coming to our office. Head and neck injuries are serious and require immediate emergency medical care.

Emergency Dental Exams

Dr. Jay will examine your child’s tooth, likely take an x-ray, and ask questions about what happened and the symptoms. Once he makes a diagnosis, he can treat the area to restore health and comfort. He will discuss any necessary future treatment to completely restore the tooth and your child’s smile.

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Whether you are new to our practice or a valued existing patient, you will receive prompt and compassionate care for your child’s dental emergency. We encourage you to call at the first sign that something is wrong so that we can help your child feel comfortable quickly. 

Dr. Jay Leung and our entire team are committed to the health of your kids!

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