As for my approach to dentistry, I follow the oral health policies and clinical guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. That means your child will receive the best treatment my field has to offer.

"Dr. Jay is AMAZING with my kids!"

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About Dr. Jay Leung

Dr. Jay is committed to making your child’s dental experience fun, educational, interactive, and to creating happy smiles! His gentle approach to care puts patients and parents at ease.Providing outstanding dentistry gives your child a solid foundation in excellent oral health.

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Services & Procedures

Dr. Jay’s approach to dentistry is pretty simple. He treats each of his patients as if they were one of his own two children. That often means taking the time to walk them through their appointments and explaining each step along the way. He finds spending these extra few moments with his patients really helps make them feel comfortable, and it clearly shows because our patients love to come back to visit us!

Preventive Dental Treatment for Children

Even the youngest healthy smiles require regular maintenance to stay healthy. Just like regular check-ups at the doctor’s office, regular dental visits can help your child stay healthy. We start with prevention in mind so that your child can avoid many of the dental conditions common in childhood. The preventive treatments we offer include:

Your child’s first dental visit – Our team makes a great first impression! We introduce your child to our office and team and spend time consulting with parents so that we set up a healthy foundation for your child’s smile.

Routine exams – By closely monitoring changes in your child’s health, we can diagnose any conditions early when they are easiest to treat.

Professional dental cleanings – Even if you have excellent home care habits, brushing and flossing alone is not enough. Our hygiene team will gently remove tartar and polish your little ones' teeth to keep them healthy and protect their delicate gum tissue.

Diagnostic x-rays – Periodic x-rays help us spot decay and ensure that your little one’s teeth are coming in properly. 

Fluoride varnish – Fluoride help to keep enamel strong. Since enamel protects your child’s teeth, this is an important step in avoiding decay.

Sealants – Dental sealants provide a barrier between bacteria, food, and the surfaces of your child’s teeth, reducing the number of cavities and fillings they will need.

Pediatric Restorations

Most children will have the need for some type of dental restoration either due to decay or an accident. All teeth, even baby teeth, play an important role in the health of your child. At The Little Tooth Company, we provide quality restorations to repair and restore comfort and function to your child’s smile.

Fillings – When your child needs a filling, we gently get the job done using the highest quality materials for maximum protection.

Tooth-colored crowns – Accidents sometimes happen! A protective, tooth-colored zirconia crown will support the tooth and give your child's smile a seamless appearance.

Bonding – Small chips can sometimes be repaired using composite tooth-colored filling material. Filling in small chips can improve your child’s smile and protect from stains and decay.

Orthodontic Evaluations

At the Little Tooth Company we believe every child is born with a perfect smile.  However, their bite and occlusion may need a little help as they grow up.  When we monitor your child’s growth, we look for common causes that can cause orthodontic issues. By addressing these early, we can often reduce or eliminate the need for treatment in their teens. 

Having an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven is beneficial. Once this evaluation is complete, we may offer orthodontic treatment such as palatal expanders, braces, or space maintainers to ensure that your child has a comfortable and beautiful smile for a lifetime.

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We offer flexible hours and gentle dentistry for children from toddler-age to teens. Our fun, lighthearted approach to dentistry creates a relationship of trust with your child, allowing us to give them the best care possible.

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