As for my approach to dentistry, I follow the oral health policies and clinical guidelines set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists. That means your child will receive the best treatment my field has to offer.

"Dr. Jay is AMAZING with my kids!"

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About Dr. Jay Leung

Dr. Jay is committed to making your child’s dental experience fun, educational, interactive, and to creating happy smiles! His gentle approach to care puts patients and parents at ease.Providing outstanding dentistry gives your child a solid foundation in excellent oral health.

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What’s the best way to take care of my baby or young child’s teeth?

When your child’s first tooth begins to appear, clean it with a piece of gauze moistened with water twice a day.

When your child has multiple teeth, start cleaning them with a small toothbrush with very soft bristles. Use a 1/2 pea-sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride up until age two. Between the ages of two and five, use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste with fluoride.

You should brush your child’s teeth for him or her until your child has the manual dexterity to properly brush their own teeth. A rule of thumb for this is when your child can tie his or her own shoes.

Children should brush their teeth for two minutes twice per day—once after breakfast and once before they go to bed.

Patient Testimonial:03/06/2014

"Dr. Jay is wonderful. He has been taking care of my sons teeth since he was a year old. My son always feels comfortable and leaves excited for his next ... Read More

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